There can be a tendancy to be quick to find excuses as to why your property isn't being snapped up by a buyer as quickly as you would like - The market is slow, the agent isn't being pro-active enough, the area isn't as popular as it used to be.

We thought we would highlight one or two - or in this case, ten - useful tips that are simple but effective ways for a seller to make the most of showcasing their properties to potential buyers. 

MARKET PRICE AGGRESSIVELY TO GET THE BEST PRICE: Listen to your agent! If you are being advised correctly, then it shouldn’t matter what time of year you are trying to sell. If your agent is working hard for you then there should be no ‘quiet periods’ in the housing market. Make sure your agent is marketing your property on all the online outlets as well as their own social media outlets.

DE-CLUTTER: To help to ensure you’re in your new home as soon as possible, it is wise to have a good de-clutter, before you start having viewings. Clear out any items you’re not proposing to take with you when you move. This freeing up more space to show case your property, and saves you times when you’re packing up to move. Remove anything hanging on or placed behind doors (furniture included). If a door can’t be opened fully, it gives the illusion that the room is smaller!

SHOW OFF THE PARKING ASSETS: People don’t want to spend time looking for someone to park in an unfamiliar area, especially if it’s in the dark. If there is limited parking and there is a driveway, park around the corner and let the purchaser park in the driveway.

REMOVE ANY RUBBISH AND TIDY UP OUTSIDE: The outside of your home is the first thing people will see. Clear. Neat. Tidy. These are the best first impressions of your property you can offer. Clear out any junk from the front or back garden. Make sure the grass is cut and flower beds are tidy. If it’s winter time, clear any dying shrubs and flowers could kill a potential sale!

BLANK CANVAS: If you are planning to ‘refresh’ the property with a coat of paint, before you market it, choose more neutral colours that allow buyers to see how they can make their own mark on the property.

LET THERE BE LIGHT!: Before viewings, make sure curtains are open if it is during the day, or lights are on at night time. If a buyer’s first impression is that the property is dark then within 20 seconds the rest of the viewing is often pointless, as this is the lasting impression they have. It may seem a tiny detail, but make sure all the lights around the house work! Nothing puts off a potential buyer more than seeing ‘little things’ that already need fixing, before they’ve even put in an offer!

DE-FUME!: If you are a smoker, consider smoking outside for the period that you are marketing, the smell can put people off.

ANIMAL FREE ZONE:  We may be a nation of animal lovers, but pets aren’t included with the sale and often distract buyers from focussing on the house. You want your buyers looking at the property and thinking about how they could live there rather than thinking about how they get the smells of dog out of the carpet or the sound of a meowing cat.

LESS IS MORE: Try and keep the number of people that are at home to a minimum when viewings take place. Where possible try and arrange viewings during the week and within school hours. Having too many people in the house can make a property seem smaller!

GO OUT OF THE HOUSE!: Let the agent conduct the viewing. The buyer is buying the property not you! Sellers often add very little to the viewing and indeed can hinder honest feedback from buyers not wishing to offend the person they have previously met.