Monika Makuszewska

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Monika Makuszewska


Monika understands how difficult it is sometimes to trust estate agents. That stems from when she had to use their services. She felt her property meant a lot to me and I didn't want to be represented by someone whose only goal was financial benefits for themselves. In the search for the right agent, she met many people who either severely underestimated the value of my property or did not bother to listen to her needs. Those bad experiences made her to want to be a different kind of agent.


She treats my clients with respect. She understands that buying, selling or renting a property is often a difficult decision, burdened with tremendous stress. She strives to make that process easier for her clients. She values long-term relationships that will contribute to mutual satisfaction in achieving similar goals. Monika wants to help you reach your targets regardless of whether you want to invest here in the UK or overseas.


Monika will make sure all of your property needs are taken care of at every stage of the process. She works quickly and effectively because your success is her success.



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